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Keyodhoo is a domestic cum popular touristic island that is located in Vaavu Atoll, in the Maldives. It is just 80 km away in the South from the capital city of Male and Velana International airport. It will be reached within two hours by a speed boat.
It is an island that feeds peace with its cool evening gentle breeze and friendly people who always welcome everyone to experience their unforgettable journey. There are 600 to 700 people living here. Fishing is only their primary occupation. Tourists can have a walk through the street white paths of Keyodhoo and visit folks at coffee shops and restaurants and have a chat with them.
You will have an opportunity to interact with local folks and know the customs, lifestyle, and traditions of Maldivians.
There are many shops like groceries, souvenirs and a social club with badminton and table tennis courts.
This island is sparsely populated with The Island Holiday Lodge. It is well -known tourist island in Vaavu Atoll. It has white sandy beaches, sandbanks, sand deserts, and amazing Reef points.
There are plenty of picnic islands around Keyodhoo like Anbara, Hulhidehoo, Bodumohora, Fohteyo, Trips will be organized to visit at fair rates.
There is a Health Center with a 24 x 7 approachable hospital at the corner of tourists’ guest houses.

Our guest house has 3 master bedrooms with well furnished and air conditioners. The rooms are spacious, airy, breezy windows with pure cotton curtains. We have a minibar, free wifi, and a sit-out area where you can relax in full privacy. Each room is facilitated with attached bathrooms with gentle and bright walls. Our staffs provide you with soft and most elegant towels and pillows. All the rooms are in pure white in European style.

Night fishing is a special Maldivian form of evening entertainment where you can catch barracuda, snappers, jacks, emperors, squirrelfish, and many more. Lulling waves and amazing star-studded night sky accompany you on night fishing expeditions. You can have a breezy and cool journey on Dhoni to the night fishing location with our staff. They accompany you to fishing with all the equipment like fishing rod, hook, etc

In the end you will be served a delicious and hot dinner on Dhoni with the fish you caught. Finally, we sail on the crystal clear water in the moonlight to the guest house.

Are you a lover of Snorkeling? Then the Maldives is yours. There is a private diving center in Keyodhoo. We can make an agreement with the driving center for an appropriate schedule and trips.
There are veterans of diving at the center who can assist and train you during your trip. The center will provide all the equipment for your snorkeling activity.

Life is an expedition on the islands of The Maldives! Let’s move forward, not backward
We have some uninhabited islands (Anbara, Hulhidhoo, Bodumohora, Fohtheyo, etc ) around Keyodhoo. We go on excursions by Maldivian traditional Dhoni to those islands. Refreshments will be served in Dhoni or on the islands.
An excursion is a significant part of your trip to the Maldives, it plays a vital role that adds a lot of fun and memory to your life. So the price will be included along with your trip packages.
You can go fishing, swimming, diving or relax on the beaches of uninhabited and powdery bright desert beaches.
Please note that every Friday is Government Holiday, still, our staff will engage you with a special Maldivian dinner on one of the beaches at night.

Note: Please apply sunburn cream, so you can protect your beautiful skin from sunlight.

Keyodhoo Island is located in Vaavu Atoll, about 80 km south of Male Airport. On the entire space of the atoll there are only two resorts: Alimatha and Dhigghiri. You can get to the Keyodhoo by the ferry or speedboat.

There is no ATM on Keyodhoo, so please stock cash in Malé. You can coordinate the traffic schedule and the transfer type in advance with the staff of your guest house


Saturday – Thursday, Malé – Keyodhoo departure 11:00, travel time 2 hours, Price: $60 per person
Saturday – Thursday, Keyodhoo – Malé, departure 16:00, travel time 2 hours, Price: $60 perperson

PUBLIC FERRY, Villimale Ferry Terminal The Route: Male – Maafushi – Fulidhoo – Thinadhoo – Felidhoo – Keyodhoo

Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday, Malé – Keyodhoo departure 10:00, travel time 6 hours, Price: $10 per person one way

Saturday, Monday and Wednesday, Keyodhoo – Malé, departure 08:20, travel time 6 hours, Price: $10 per person one way

Ferry stops in Fulidhoo, Thinadho, Maafushi Island along the way. For those in no rush, this is a great budget option.

PRIVATE TRANSFER, Departure Jetty: Flexible (Airport or Guest Preferred Location)

Duration: 1.5 Hour, Price: $550 for boat